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Alexander School District(740-664-2222)
Nelsonville Church of the Nazarene(740-753-3464)
Conn Ronald D(740-753-1642)
Weber Patty(740-753-4573)
Dalton Charles E(740-753-1392)
Hocking Valley Ice Co(740-753-3150)
Cooper M(740-753-2583)
Adams Saundra(740-753-3709)
Bush Violet(740-753-1646)
Campbell M(740-753-1892)
Flowers Lola(740-753-2451)
Frye Donald(740-753-4639)
Gabriel Ada J(740-753-9155)
Gabriel Glen(740-753-2072)
Hoag Barbara(740-753-9042)
Holley Gladys(740-753-1890)
Horne Gladys(740-753-1835)
Johnson Lovell(740-753-2716)
Kimberly Meadows(740-753-1116)
Kinnison Linda(740-753-4539)
Lyall Pamelia(740-753-4367)
McCoy Marilyn(740-753-4772)
Nelson Timothy(740-753-1327)
Norris Judy(740-753-1020)
Osborne R R(740-753-1807)
Oxley Roger(740-753-2250)
Pearson M(740-753-4356)
Sanborn Barton(740-753-1166)
Smith Janet L(740-753-4642)
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