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Trinity United Church of Christ(419-862-3417)
Harpel Howard(419-637-2981)
Roberts Troy(419-637-2862)
Butler D A(419-637-2936)
Olmstead Cynthia L(419-637-7703)
Olmstead Darrell(419-637-3318)
Shively L(419-637-7347)
Smith M A(419-637-2690)
Hoddinott Martin(419-637-2818)
Taulker K(419-637-7433)
Ruggiero James(419-637-2858)
Gilson T(419-637-2451)
Elmer Walter(419-637-2522)
Redding Herb(419-637-2382)
Fought Kenneth L(419-637-2239)
Gerwin Gregory S(419-637-7522)
Renner Phillip(419-637-7331)
Reynolds Brian(419-637-7737)
Brecheisen Daisy(419-637-7816)
Morse K J(419-637-7201)
Krotzer James(419-637-2987)
Halstead J A(419-637-2806)
Morelock Kim(419-637-7533)
Promenschenkel M L(419-637-2488)
Bechtel Leslie(419-637-7068)
Reineck Michael(419-637-7891)
Rolf Herman(419-637-2657)
Keene James D(419-637-2885)
Taulker Steven F(419-637-7525)
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