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Reid H B(937-223-8040)
Mills Wm E(937-263-4872)
Brown Walter(937-268-4960)
Amey Arthur(937-263-1230)
Weaver K(937-263-7432)
George Eddie E(937-262-9190)
Wood Edith(937-263-9819)
Lovett Harold S SR(937-268-1866)
McDowell Wm E(937-263-2463)
Copeland Murtie B(937-263-7988)
Brown Priscilla(937-268-9691)
Rutledge Mary(937-268-2660)
Lewis Dannielle A(937-263-5753)
Cummings C E(937-268-0936)
Cunningham Lula(937-263-8368)
Catlin A(937-268-0180)
House J(937-263-0782)
Rucker Shirley(937-263-3374)
Quisenberry Cynthia(937-262-8854)
Weatherspoon Dorothy(937-263-2047)
Jones Dorothy(937-268-2911)
Servant Ricardo(937-263-5119)
Long George D SR(937-268-2543)
Jocelyn's Restaurant(937-278-5875)
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity(937-276-9926)
Williams Janitorial Services(937-278-4941)
Cj's Country Morning Pancake House(937-276-4552)
Resident Home Assn for the Mentally Re(937-278-0791)
Fahrer Edw(937-275-4201)
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