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Heavenly Bodies(937-275-6437)
McDougal James(937-274-4901)
Judkins Evon(937-276-2145)
White Lona B(937-278-4539)
Montgomery E H(937-278-2892)
Davis P S(937-275-8313)
Chon Yong S(937-277-7892)
Sims C(937-277-3193)
Chance Melvin(937-277-7562)
Spirit of Peace Baptist Church(937-277-6701)
Spirit of Peace Community Devel(937-277-4400)
Foster D(937-276-4217)
Smith Joe L(937-278-9283)
Nelson Carrie(937-276-4915)
Malone G(937-279-9411)
Calloway J B(937-278-7741)
Knight Dorothy M(937-277-7896)
Holt Clifford(937-275-6886)
Holt Ruby(937-275-6886)
Ridenour William(937-275-1412)
Tann Helen(937-277-8134)
Burress Y(937-279-9395)
Brooks Katherine(937-567-1987)
Lattimore Agnes(937-276-4716)
Lattimore Julius(937-276-4716)
Lattimore Sharon(937-276-4716)
Allen C(937-275-4681)
Hunter Mary(937-278-2157)
Napier Ralph(937-278-8025)
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