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Johnson E(937-268-8856)
Winburn Eddie(937-263-3836)
Browning Fred(937-263-8096)
Howard Helen(937-268-1161)
Richardson Bernice(937-263-4402)
Mussinon Jodi(937-268-4782)
Turner Jerome(937-262-5831)
Peppers P(937-263-3770)
Shelby Lucille(937-268-9472)
Smith M M(937-268-0810)
Williams Elizabeth(937-263-5126)
Johnson Joyce(937-268-3304)
Griffin Ida(937-263-1825)
Underwood Walter(937-263-2972)
Florence Eddye W(937-263-8673)
Goode Vera(937-268-5878)
Sorey Charles(937-263-4514)
Robinson Easter C(937-262-9298)
Brown Frances(937-268-0412)
Dunn Nathaniel(937-262-5815)
Smith Betty(937-263-5464)
Bell Cleopatra(937-262-9808)
Adams Lillie(937-263-4732)
Hatcher J(937-268-2248)
Jones Diann(937-263-8714)
Stewart Harold(937-268-7903)
Rice Lillie(937-268-6222)
Poole Monroe(937-263-0217)
McClodden W G(937-268-7358)
Spanish M H(937-268-9845)
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