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Graves Elizabeth(937-268-5385)
Tucker Robert(937-268-4660)
Blocker Forest(937-268-4371)
Easton Edw P(937-263-3692)
Cooper Thelma(937-263-7827)
Phillips Annie(937-263-6323)
Phillips Jos(937-263-6323)
Jackson Dorothy(937-263-1746)
Jackson Thos D(937-263-1746)
Davis Eugene(937-263-2186)
Baker Vera(937-268-7527)
Mitchell Ada(937-262-9124)
Stephens K(937-263-7582)
Glenn Herschel(937-262-5735)
Carter Ludeae(937-268-5772)
Jordan Roy(937-268-0995)
Dubose Louis D(937-263-9052)
Johnson Cassandra(937-268-2190)
Brown Byron(937-263-7991)
Taylor Mildred A(937-263-0703)
Davis Gwendolyn(937-263-2855)
Caldwell Mitchell(937-268-9558)
Russell Jas C(937-263-4980)
Russell Lucinda(937-263-4980)
Walker F M(937-268-7877)
Carter Otis Jr(937-263-6570)
Scurry Chas(937-263-8284)
Branch J E(937-262-8485)
Shyne W(937-263-0997)
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